"Dolphin World" Fine Art Pint by Coleman Allen

Global Surf Gallery


Coleman Allen spends lots of time fair offshore deep in the blue Atlantic Gulf Stream. In his time offshore he sees lots of new and existing natural world events but it is when he encounters groups of dolphins or “pods” that he sees firsthand that these creatures are just like us. “They really are amazing mammals,” Allen says, “they hunt as groups, speak fluently to each other, and most importantly they show empathy and love to members of the group. It one thing to read about in a book and imagine it, but it's really mind-blowing to see firsthand.” Now you can install this water worldly love to your wall with artist Coleman Allen’s new collection of underwater dolphin art. 

Limited Edition: 1/50

About the medium:

Professional prints are printed on Kodak ENDURA professional paper for the highest quality and durability.


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