What is an NFT?

NFT stands for non-fungible tokens, tokens which are hosted on the Ethereum’s blockchain. Practically, NFTs are unique digital items such as collectibles, artworks, or game items. An artist, can tokenize art work to ensure authenticity as unique and can thus brand works as a one of a kind piece or 1 of 1 rarities. The actual ownership is blockchain-managed and secured by the Ethereum network. Scroll below to view our Global Surf Gallery NFT projects and collections.

NFT Collections 

Waves of Earth

NFT Collection 

As winds gust across the earth's oceans, waves begin their lives as messy collections of the disturbed sea. But over time and distance, this surface of disturbance turns organized and magnificent when in a crescendo of power they meet their end on coastlines around the world. These are the waves of earth.

Crypto Shredder 

NFT Project 

Surfing is the ultra-sick world it is today because of the legendary shredders who blazed the trail. The Crypto Shredders NFT project salutes these legends. Each of our 1/1 pieces comes to you free on a first come first mint basis. All you need to do is buy the gas. Salute a legend, own a Crypto Shredder.

Crypto Waves

NFT Collection

Every day the earth's winds send epic waves to coastlines around the globe. However, modern humans can only access these worldly treasures with nation-state-issued fiat currency. That is until this NFT collection was minted. Welcome to 'Crypto Waves.'

The Aesthetic of Water

NFT Collection

Water is the most important element on earth in the aesthetic realm. In this collection, you will find contours and light beams that only the soft fascination of water can deliver. Join us to view and collect 'The Aesthetic Of Water.'

The Water Sunrise

NFT Collection

As the earth rolls around space, once every day for a matter of sixty seconds MAX, coastlines around the world explode aesthetically with the element of water. Only sunbeams and water can make this spectacle occur and only on earth.