Artist: Federico Vanno (Indonesia)


"I learned to swim before I could walk, but then I took my swimming very seriously when I was eight years old. That's when I asked my parents to get me into swimming courses. Then, at 14, my family moved to Ostia, a district of Rome overlooking the sea. It was there that my passion for ocean and swimming became an obsession. It was then that I learned about the powers of the ocean, and that salt water was a living thing that I could become a part of. I was also a sailing racer for many years, which taught me the ocean skills of the winds and the tides and the weather. So when I went surfing, I had such knowledge of the ocean and her behavior. I started shooting in 2007 and from the water in 2010. I was lucky to get sponsorship from Liquid Eye water housings early on. In 2011, I moved to Bali for a family lifestyle and warm water and absolutely perfect waves." - FEDERICO VANNO

Gallery work