Artist: Scott Harrison

Location: Merewether, NSW in Australia

Artist's Statement : "Salt air and salt water have countless benefits to the body and mind and whether you experience it through surfing, swimming, laying on the beach, walking along a coastal track, or any other way. I believe there is happiness, healthiness and peacefulness directly related to the time spent near or in the ocean." - Harrison

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Artist: Sean D. Ruttkay 

Location: Wrightsville Beach, NC USA 

Artist's Statement : "Water is the strongest elemental force on the planet, ergo art that depicts water is the strongest art on the planet', this is my maxim. When the aesthetic of water is engaged in the built environment and a blank wall is a properly watered, the piece has the potential to transform an area into a restorative space, one where the occupant's cognition elevates and interior modern life becomes ever flowing like a river. Water the wall and you too will find this prehistoric power." - Ruttkay

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Artist: Bruno Aleixo

Location: Nazare, Portugal

About: Born and raised in Portugal, the ocean became his playground at a young age. As he grew up, the way the ocean manifested its power and how it interacted with the surroundings became his passion. Today as an artist, Bruno's passion has turned to influence by the infinite shapes drawn by big waves and storms. His work has been published in multiple magazines like Carve, Surfers Journal among others. In 2017 he received the XXL Big Wave Awards for shooting the largest wave of the year.

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Artist: Alan van Gysen

Location: Kommetjie, South Africa


Alan van Gysen is one of the world's most respected surf photographers. With an inextinguishable drive and natural flair he has spent the past twenty years carving his mark into the international scene. His dedication to his craft has seen him capturing the artistry of South Africa’s and the world’s top surfers. Alan’s style is unmistakable. Preferring to shoot from the water he feeds off his subject’s energy, bringing his personal perspective to the moment and creating a tailored fusion of motion, time and space. His photographs exude a clarity and vibrancy that stirs every droplet of water to life, reflecting the very essence of what it means to be a surfer.

In his life and his work Alan maintains an infectious positivity and enviable sense of balance. He is always looking forward and has the ability to constantly see the bigger picture. A meticulous work ethic, down to earth attitude and passion for his life behind the lens has brought him a degree of contentment seldom seen in others his age. A successful career that continues to flourish, an amazing wife, three children, and a wonderful home in the coastal suburb of Kommetjie, nestled in the south peninsula of Cape Town, a stone’s throw away from the beaches he loves to surf.


More About Alan van GysenAlan van Gysen

Artist: Federico Vanno

Location: Bali, Indonesia

Artist's Statement : "I learned to swim before I could walk, but then I took my swimming very seriously when I was eight years old. That's when I asked my parents to get me into swimming courses. Then, at 14, my family moved to Ostia, a district of Rome overlooking the sea. It was there that my passion for ocean and swimming became an obsession. It was then that I learned about the powers of the ocean, and that salt water was a living thing that I could become a part of. I was also a sailing racer for many years, which taught me the ocean skills of the winds and the tides and the weather. So when I went surfing, I had such knowledge of the ocean and her behavior. I started shooting in 2007 and from the water in 2010. I was lucky to get sponsorship from Liquid Eye water housings early on. In 2011, I moved to Bali for a family lifestyle and warm water and absolutely perfect waves." - FEDERICO VANNO

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Artist:  Coleman Allen

Location: Wrightsville Beach, NC USA

"My name is Coleman Allen. I am from Wilmington, NC and the ocean is my passion. I am a 3rd generation Scuba/Freediver. My grandfather started diving off North Carolina in the 1950s and my father in the 1970s. I grew up loving the photos they would take of beautiful shipwrecks and rugged sharks lurking off the Carolina coastline. I’ve been happy to follow in their footsteps, exploring the waters off our beautiful state and taking photos of the adventures my friends and I have together. We have an extraordinary natural resource right in our own backyard and I love bringing back images of what we see so others can get a glimpse of how incredible our waters are. I hope my photos bring you as much joy as they bring me when I have the opportunity to take them!" - CA

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Artist:  Nicole Nason

Location: Wrightsville Beach, NC USA

"I'm just not the same without the ocean. The water is where I go to reflect, grow, and be challenged. Going full time in photography and surf cinematography started to become a reality after following around 30 surfers on weekends while working a corporate sales job to create a surf documentary. Carolina Surf Film Festival founders encouraged me to go full time after decorating the film with Best Soundtrack and Pioneer Filmmaker Awards. I saved up and invested into the craft. In January of 2019, I ended the sales job, hopped on a few planes, and ended up mentoring at-risk youth through several surf related nonprofits for ten months residing in Jeffrey's Bay, South Africa. During this adventure, I had the opportunity to go all along the coastline serving as beach marshall for Surfing South Africa and World Surf League Events. After returning to North Carolina in December of 2019, I worked at a smoothie shop from three days back until the night before heading to Oahu. Each step took a leap and dramatically refined and challenged my photography style. Investing in dreams helps to make those dreams a reality. I am thankful for each moment that I get to spend in the ocean creating art that I hope inspires others to cherish time in the ocean."
-Nicole Nason

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