Artist: Alan van Gysen (South Africa)

Alan van Gysen: Behind The Lens

Alan van Gysen is one of the world's most respected surf photographers. With an inextinguishable drive and natural flair he has spent the past twenty years carving his mark into the international scene. His dedication to his craft has seen him capturing the artistry of South Africa’s and the world’s top surfers. Alan’s style is unmistakable. Preferring to shoot from the water he feeds off his subject’s energy, bringing his personal perspective to the moment and creating a tailored fusion of motion, time and space. His photographs exude a clarity and vibrancy that stirs every droplet of water to life, reflecting the very essence of what it means to be a surfer.

In his life and his work Alan maintains an infectious positivity and enviable sense of balance. He is always looking forward and has the ability to constantly see the bigger picture. A meticulous work ethic, down to earth attitude and passion for his life behind the lens has brought him a degree of contentment seldom seen in others his age. A successful career that continues to flourish, an amazing wife, three children, and a wonderful home in the coastal suburb of Kommetjie, nestled in the south peninsula of Cape Town, a stone’s throw away from the beaches he loves to surf.



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