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The Global Surf Gallery
Back Story 

In 2005, Sean and Cornelia Ruttkay, fresh out of the University of North Carolina Wilmington and not ready to enter the so called “real world.” So they bought 2 around the world plane tickets and traveled. What they did not realize at the time was how this one move would alter the rest of their life. Over the next 15 years the Ruttkay's would build a successful art brand in EDA Surf Art, selling thousands of holistic water themed art pieces, changing the lives and spaces of their customers.

Now in the time of COVID-19 the Ruttkay’s are starting a new project, the Global Surf Gallery.  The new mission is to virtually travel the world discovering new surf spots in their aesthetic glory through the art pieces of those amazing surf photographers who live there.  Over the coming weeks and months, we will be introducing these top artists and their work to the surf art world. Join us, as we discover these amazing people, their work, and the global beaches they come from.

Why is Global surf art the best kind of art for your mind and wall? 

Whether in a home, office, or wellness center, art derived from the ocean is the ideal decorative choice. Influenced by the guiding principles of Evidence-Based Design (EBD), the art of Global Surf Gallery captures the soft fascination found in water and when installed transforms physical environments into restorative spaces. Numerous studies have shown that occupants of these spaces gain substantial physiological benefits as well as tangible positive outcomes.

When a wall is well watered, holistic powers can enter the room." - Poseidon


Global Surf Gallery artist know the fundamental truth that the aesthetic beauty found in the ocean is endless and powerful. They are here to inspire you to bring this truth to your interior space.


Our principles and clams are based in science and empirical data. Click here to see your evidence based design research. 


Let us help you water your wall today. Send us an image of your wall space and let your design team help you transform your environment with the power of water.